Early Marriage

Girls in Zimbabwe are married early. By age 19, when most children are expected to be starting their university or tertiary education, over half of the girls in the country are already in marriage.
This reduces their chances of realizing their full potential in life as well as exposing them to other vulnerabilities like sexual and gender-based violence and poverty.
The prevailing socio-economic challenges, and the negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods has exposed further existing vulnerabilities and caused further deepening inequalities, particularly gender inequality and spiking sexual and gender-based violence.
We know the enormity of the challenge of child marriages. So let us take a hard look at what needs to change and what we are doing to end this scourge.

May be a cartoon of child and text that says 'GREEN INSTITUTE @GreenInstitute2 +263 77625 3811 TIME FOR ACTION END CHILD MARRIAGE NOW! Child Marriages are a form of violence against children,wherein the health and development of the girl child is disrupted. Green Institute with the support from Global Youth Mobilization are working to end all forms of gender-based violations and promote gender justice Supported By: GLOBAL YOUTH MOBILIZATION'


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  1. Gaye Elizabeth Tough 6 months ago

    Keep up the good work. It is time child marriage and violence end. Thanks.

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