Green Institute Zimbabwe

A community based organization advocating mitigatory measures against the adverse effects of climate change # SDG 13

Core Principles

All our activities are guided by the following principles

Local ownership

The Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods applied by Green Institute practitioners ensure local ownership and problem framing at the grassroots level.


Green Institute believes in empowering the individual in order for them to help themselves, take decisions, and make changes in their lives and their communities.
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Long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability is the most important aspect when assessing new projects and evaluating existing ones.

Strengthening of existing structures

Green Institute does not believe in building parallel structures, but rather in working in close cooperation with and strengthening systems and structures already set in place by government authorities and civil society.


Organization Overview

Green Institute is a youth-led organization meant to develop adaptation strategies that can reduce and mitigate the diverse and complex impacts of climate change through areas such as engaging communities on climate resilience, lobbying, advocacy for policy change in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Green Institute works with marginalized groups such as those with disabilities, women, youths and children