Agroecology takes a holistic, environmentally-friendly approach to farming that goes beyond just crop rotation and composting. It promotes a range of sustainable practices like:

🌳 Agroforestry – Integrating trees and shrubs into crop/livestock systems provides shade, windbreaks, fuel, and extra products.

💧 Water Harvesting – Using techniques like swales, ponds and efficient irrigation to conserve precious water resources.

🐌 Integrated Pest Management – Controlling pests through natural predators, trap crops and minimal pesticide use.

🐓 Animal Integration – Including livestock helps cycle nutrients and reduces need for external inputs.

🌿 Polycultures – Growing diverse crops together mimics natural ecosystems and increases biodiversity.

The core principle is working in harmony with nature rather than trying to overpower it. This creates biodiverse, resilient agroecosystems that promote food security and sustainability.

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