Tseu- Concept

This initiative is meant to assist women in land ownership and creation of Tseu-community women cooperatives. It was noted that women in rural areas majority of them do not have own land mainly due to issues of tradition and patriarchy. This resulted in the deprivation of economic rights that are attached to land. The Tseu- Concept was done to make sure that each and every women at every household have a ‘Tseu’ (a piece of land for women to grown their cash crops). Engagement of traditional leadership ensured that land ownership to women is improved. We then created a Tseu cooperative with 50 women and provide them with hybrid sweet potato cuttings for their small Tseu- plots. Green Institute engaged agriculture extension officers for smart and sustainable agriculture techniques (climate adaptation). At this stage we are working on creating product beneficiation and value chains (through agriculture marketing authority) so that the women will get value out of their produce. TheTseu- Concept is empowering women, in order those to be able to position themselves in strategic decision making processes that take place at varying levels in socio-economic of their lives.

Major Achievements

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